More Bits ‘n’ Pieces

15,000 people, including Tom Brady and Tim Tebow, recently gathered indoors for an MMA bout in Florida. No social distancing and few masks, according to Fox News. Sounds about right for that shining city on the hill we can call DeSantis Land. The thing that sticks in my gut is the sharp contrast of philosophies and perspectives along the way throughout this pandemic. Misinformation, disinformation, irrational fears, insane “cures” and conspiracy theories, pig-headed stubbornness and just plain hubris, versus caution and a certain humility in the face of a deadly virus we’re still learning about. For all the people who think they’re bulletproof or that the virus doesn’t exist—you’ve been just plain lucky. Or maybe you’ve concealed the fact that you or members of your families have tested positive and you never told anyone, passed Covid infection off as a cold? Anyway, you’re not contributing to the solution, to getting “back to normal.” That normal is gone, anyway.

What the hell is going on in Arizona? Cyber Ninjas? With unfettered access to the 2020 ballots from Maricopa County? No press coverage except OAN? Ayfkm? How are they getting away with this? Of course Trump is praising their efforts, and it looks like Michigan is next.

Republicans are bent out of shape over something that is totally fabricated: Pres. Biden wants to ban meat. Apparently, the indignation and the beef are contrived. Biden never said such a thing. So why is this such a big deal? And why don’t Republicans have anything better to do?

Could, might, may, possibly… that’ll be as close as we ever get to a Trump conviction.

Let me utter the unutterable. America has to learn to share the stage. We are not the world’s last best hope, not anymore. Especially lately. Especially given the current condition we’re in. Where do we get off saying such a thing out loud? Or even just thinking it. Such hubris, such outsized pride, and insecurity. We’re the world’s perennial teenager, like a comic strip character who never grows up. I know when one takes a quick look, one will see that America has done some amazing things over the years- helped save the world from fascism and imperialism (but can it save itself?), landed a man on the moon, provided fertile ground for innovation of all sorts. But a closer look will uncover the cracks in the façade—the inequity, the still roiling racism, the scourge of individualism in all its manifestations, the materialism and rampant consumerism, and the aforementioned proclivity to talk trash and just brag on itself. The ideals have remained ideals, by and large. That packaging is pretty much intact.

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