I don’t fit with the movers and shakers. If the world was full of people like me, we’d still be wondering what to do with the wheel.

But I do notice things. I do, I think, have a functioning bullshit meter. And members of the Republican party in practically every state are keeping the needle pegged in the red zone lately.

I know that if I were to get my news from the fox, I would have one view of the world. But since I don’t go near Hannity and Carlson and anyone else on that network, I embrace another view of things. Because of this, I’m finding the almost nationwide efforts to tighten and restrict voting rights not just reactionary, but abhorrent, hateful, lazy, pathetic, diabolical, small-minded, paranoic, and tiresome. And hearing the Republican defense of this is doing nothing for me.

A note to Mitch McConnell and everyone else in the elephant party… please stop saying this isn’t about voter suppression and finding ways to keep people who wouldn’t vote for you in a million years from voting at all. Don’t tell us that these efforts don’t have anything to do with a continued buy-in of the election being stolen. If Trump had actually won, this wouldn’t be an issue right now. Don’t get all defensive and self-righteous when big corporations decide to criticize your legislative efforts, especially when you are always so ready to take their money in hopes of staying in office and finding ways to propagate your ignorance and hate.

Your concern over “voter irregularities” is a ruse, a convenient cover, lousy legislation you’re trying to ramrod into law in time for the 2022 mid-terms. Your platform is made of balsa wood, and it seems the only plank is survival at any cost. No plans, no good ideas, just survival.

Are you still, for some God-forsaken reason, beholden to The Base? Does it ever occur to you that the only reason you have as many seats as you do is because your base is so willing to sell their souls for an empty cup? Well, that and your attempts at gerrymandering have actually worked.

You have nothing, you offer nothing that any warm-blooded, caring human being would want. And don’t dare hide behind your “fiscal conservatism,” or “patriotism.” Or “Christian” values. You don’t have any of those, either.

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