Where We Are

It seems Derek Chauvin and even the city of Minneapolis are in a no-win situation. It feels like there can be only one verdict that will keep another riot from happening.

Chauvin’s defense team has a thankless job. On the one hand, there are the 9 or so minutes of knee-on-neck. On the other, there is the media saturation and televised courtroom drama, and the feeling that this is cancel culture on steroids, like Chauvin is guilty whether or not the case is more complicated than what meets the eye.

It may be the long road to getting rid of a bad cop, but it also comes with that lingering feeling of public opinion and bandwagon mentality wielding outsized power and influence. What normally happens behind closed doors and communicated mainly with the help of courtroom sketches needs to be carried live for all to see.

The decision to televise the proceedings is an indication of the stakes here, but also the climate of suspicion and distrust that exists.

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