It’s No Mystery

The words are elusive anymore. Always searching for the right combination of descriptive phrases, trying to capture emotions that properly convey the anger and exasperation and futility of watching our elected leaders scurry about and skirt the issue and hide behind the long tired Second Amendment excuse. They have to know that no one is coming for their guns.

Well, except to stanch the flow of assault weapons, which no civilian really needs and which often end up being the weapon of choice among those who decide they need to act on pent-up urges and misplaced rage by killing as many unarmed and unsuspecting people as possible. And, of course, if you are convinced that Big Government is always plotting some sort of crackdown, and insurrection is just around the corner, well, an AR-15 is a good friend to have in the face of such heinous over-stepping, whether or not such a threat is even real. There’s room for two or three of those in the gun safe, in any event.

As long as there exists buy-in of this narrative of paranoia and mistrust, the arsenals will continue to expand. We’re the most heavily armed civilian population on earth, which is not so much about bragging rights as it is just plain pathetic and sad, and alarming. A recipe for mayhem. A recipe for exactly what we’re currently witnessing and have endured for years.

We seem not to be able to rise above our insecurities, and hubris. We can’t get out of our own way, more often indulging our worse angels. Always on guard, looking for signs, expecting the worst, living atop a powder keg.

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