Popularity Contest

I wouldn’t make a good reporter. Only certain things excite me. I’m not interested in a lot of what ends up getting covered in your average newspaper. I’m motivated more by what triggers an emotional response, often anger, or parsing what is fair and unfair. For the past four years it’s been Donald Trump and his idiocy. It’s been easy to be critical of and mad at him and the stellar cast of jokers around him. There has been an endless supply of material.

Now that Joe Biden is President, I’m somewhat less stressed but continue to be motivated by the Republican stonewalling and their infuriating predictability, their unshakable allegiance to Trump, and how this continues to exact a toll of some sort.

For members of Congress, it really appears to be as straightforward as whose coattails they can ride so they can keep their jobs, who they can schmooze, with little consideration given to character or competence. This ongoing dissonance continues to stir things up for me.

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