Miles-deep Resentment

Often enough, I find myself still trying to capture how I feel about the Trump years. There is a visceral anger that continues to simmer, along with frustration at still not being able to find the words that adequately capture the depth and breadth of my disdain for him and, with few exceptions, everyone else who “served” in his administration.

There are no kind words. None. Only smoldering anger bordering on hatred for him and the fact that he never honored the trust inherent in the office. He never appreciated the office he fell into. He simply and unabashedly used it.

He was unprepared, unqualified, visionless, impressionable, unreasonable, immature, more ignorant than maliciously evil. Power-hungry, attention-starved, provincial, racist, cold-hearted, magnificently unsuited to handle what the job demands of anyone who attains it. He seemed intent on tearing this country and the world apart– withdrawing from agreements, fixated on deregulation, possessive of a blinding self-interest that thrust us headlong into the darkness of a pandemic.

Yet he is still the star of the Republican Party. How is that possible?

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