Let’s Hope Not

I’m elated that Trump isn’t president anymore, but Joe Biden does little for me, in terms of inspiring confidence. He never has. He’s showing his age, he squints at the camera all the time. He may show empathy, which is a good thing, but there’s something about him that evokes feelings that he’s just a career politician going through the motions, perhaps in over his head.

It’s ok that he won mainly because people had had way more than enough of Trump and he wasn’t Trump. Congress and the Presidency are barely blue right now because enough people in the country were mobilized and inspired to vote for a change in direction, to send a rebuke to a useless autocrat and those around him who seemed hellbent on destroying this country and the planet.

Biden isn’t Trump, but this doesn’t mean Biden is anyone to write home about. After the nightmare that was (and would be again) Trump, what we’re seeing now is over-compensation, a sigh of relief by an underwhelming majority of Americans.

The monster is lurking, though. It is licking its wounds, it is pissed, and it is already angling for a re-emergence in 2022, nevermind 2024. Our window of opportunity for enjoying a period of sanity and relative competence may not be open for all that long.

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