A Score of Excellence

So much for my 1/25 take on Super Bowl 55 results.

TB12 and Tampa Bay pretty much manhandled the Chiefs, though the refs seemed to be keyed in on the KC defensive backs and safeties. They must have had at least 3 damaging penalties in a short amount of time in the first half.

So Tom Brady has 7 rings. Impressive. They made Patrick Mahomes look like a raw rookie, despite his flashes of brilliance. He couldn’t keep them in this one, couldn’t lead them back. It must be nice to win the big game at home. First time that’s ever happened. It figures Brady would be involved.

A scintillating career. You’d think he might want to call it a day, go out on a high note, but we’ve thought that before. I want to know what it’s like to sustain such passion for your work when it would seem natural to start losing interest, start thinking about moving on to something else.

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