Mixed Messaging

The longer this pandemic drags on, the less likely it seems we will ever return to anything approaching the way things used to be. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are probably takeaways we’ve needed to heed that only a pandemic could place before us.

The news outlets present differing emphases, treating everything from vaccine roll-out to the spread of variants that threaten to throw a wrench in the works of whatever progress is being made. We hear of a drop in cases and the promise of another vaccine soon added to the arsenal, and at the same time we are being warned of a South African strain, a U.K strain, and some other mutation, all of which exhibit heightened transmissibility and virulence, along with the potential for slowing any momentum and blunting any optimism we may have been feeling.

Lately, cases and hospitalizations are dropping, though deaths are still north of 3000. It seems like things are quieting a bit, though tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, which provides yet one more opportunity for people to ignore sound advice and contribute to another spike.

There really is no cure for stupid, so we’ll continue in fits and starts until who knows when.

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