Throw The Book At Him

How different would things be at this point if the Trump administration had taken the bull by the horns from the very beginning?

I’ve been told by a trusted medical professional that if we all had taken precautions– masked up and socially distanced and the rest– from early on, we could have effectively neutered the virus in a month or six weeks. Logistically, that was probably impossible, but still… we could be in a very different place today if the Trump administration had taken this menace seriously from the time they were first made aware of it.

Instead, it was turned into a political hot potato.

While it will be difficult to attach a number to Trump’s cold-hearted, intentional denial of Covid-19, can there be any doubt that, without his unconscionable choice to downplay the virus’s existence, many thousands would still be alive?

Donald Trump should be tried not just for impeachment, but also for crimes against humanity.

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