We Need A Miracle

I’m beyond weary of the Republican Party, or whatever party shelters the likes of Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, the wacko lady from Georgia, and who can forget Governor Ron Desantis?

January 6 has now dropped off their radar, and we’re back to everyone waxing nostalgic for T****. I’m glad the Democrats have control of everything, but there’s such a lack of goodwill that the future does not look bright for us as a nation that debates ideas rather than wanting to kill people over them. Yes, it’s been this way before, but 620,000 people died over those differences of opinion. And it’s obvious that, since the Civl War, a gaping wound has been weeping all along the way.

When a House rep can very publicly sympathize with violent, homicidal language directed at Democrats and suffer no consequences, this is an indication of a descent into a bad place. Sure, there are cries for her removal, but nothing will come of it! There is little outrage from her Republican colleagues, and the Democrats have better things to do than spend their time censuring and policing supposed adults.

When have we seen so many people so willing to drink the Kool-Aid? How can our views of what is right and proper and helpful be so polarized in a time of such obvious and overwhelming need? Is this really how things go when enough angry, fearful white people feel threatened by a changing complexion? 

We have to find a way to be OK with sharing power. And we can’t frame this nastiness in terms of liberal and conservative. These are tired, over-used labels anymore. We have monumental problems crying out for solutions, yet only one party seems willing to address them at the moment.

Meanwhile, the other is trying to devour itself.

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