Hey Donald

Win, win, win. Always winning. What a simple, stupid mantra. That was it for you? That’s all you’ve ever wanted out of life? Just… win? You sad, sad man.

It’s too late now. It’s too late in the game. And that’s what this has been, right? A game? It’s too late for you to change course, to give your image a facelift. You are who you apparently have always been– a pretender, a calculating, ignorant, insensitive cheap shot artist, a carnival barker, an egomaniac, a dictator-in-training, a spoiled lost boy who never suffered a consequence in his entire life. Until now.

You’ve treated bedrock principles like so much else in your life– as rules that don’t apply to you, for some reason. But you finally met your match, you imbecilic waste of space and breathable air.

You will leave office believing that you were the greatest President in American history, just one delusion among so many. But the reality is that you weren’t even close. The tragedy is that you’ve got half the country believing this, too. Half the country believing in you when you couldn’t care less about them, or muster any behavior worthy of such reverence.

You’ll probably get the send-off you so badly want, but not because people respect you or feel you deserve it. It’ll be more out of respect for the office you’ve sullied and rendered unrecognizable in the time you’ve held it.

It may sound like “Hail to the Chief” one last time, but really it’ll be “good riddance, asshole.”

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