Two Americas

It’s been interesting to listen to the posturing and theorizing with regard to the pending impeachment resolution up for a vote today in the House. As of last night, it looked like momentum was slowly building among Republicans—including Mitch McConnell.

Are they beginning to see the light? Are legislators daring to put reason and facts above party and personal aspirations, as they take a closer look at what Trump said and did last week? Or will this ultimately be just another calculated move with benefits for one side over the other?

Part of the ongoing struggle, the ongoing reality, is that when Reps and Senators talk about being mindful of “the will of the American people,” we have to qualify that by realizing there are two substantial groups of people they might be referring to—those who voted for Biden, and those who voted for Trump. It’s a relative majority for those in the Biden camp, but it’s not something that lends itself to being described as a clear majority of Americans. Not when 74 million voted for the other guy.

I don’t see how anyone can claim to be speaking for “the American people.” There’s a need to be more specific. A need to acknowledge just how divided we are. 

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