How Does It End?

Donald Trump is scared shitless. He knows what awaits him when he can no longer cower behind the Resolute Desk. He can pardon himself if he wants, but that is an act of futility, considering what awaits him in the SDNY. And who pardons themselves in the first place?

He is digging in, lashing out, and clearly not of sound mind. It’s ugly now, even uglier than it has been, and it’s going to get worse. You get the feeling that there might be a mortifying, though not unsurprising ending to all of this. He may literally have to be dragged out, or worse. Or better, depending on one’s perspective. Maybe he won’t survive this. Hopefully the country can.

His looney tunes army is mobilizing, causing trouble in Oregon, hinting at violence and unrest in other places, including D.C. on Inauguration Day. One could surmise that the volcano may soon blow. It raises the question: When are the good guys gonna step in and put a stop to this? Are they even out there?

People can be as gullible as they seem. I wonder if they still consider Trump a hero. And if they do, why? What is there about him that hints at anything honorable? Why would anyone take their marching orders from somebody who is so obviously self-involved and desperate? He’s listening to people who are suggesting martial law as a way to address the “grievous wrong” of losing an election by 7 million votes. And, in a relative way, it wasn’t any closer in the Electoral College.

We have been preparing for this unfortunate sequence of events, knowingly or not, since the son of a bitch took office. For various reasons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to just about everyone.

Most of the inner circle are as rotten as we feared. They made it all the way to the seat of power, and now it looks like they’re ok with taking the country down on their way out the door.

These are evil, uncaring people clawing at the cliff’s edge, trying to hold on. Someone needs to step on their fingers.

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