Just Words and A Tune

Rachel Maddow captured the essence of the moment perfectly last night in her commentary on the latest case being brought before the US Supreme Court by the AG from Texas and 17 other state AGs.

Basically, while Rome is burning, 18 states are just gonna fiddle and waste time and ignore the flames, i.e. the devastation wrought by Covid-19 and the 3054 lives lost on Wednesday.

Remember when it was 1000 people a day, then 2000 people a day? Now it’s 3000 people a day. More than the losses from 9-11, more than the losses from Pearl Harbor, more than the losses from the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. Three thousand fifty-four Americans gone in one day from Covid-19.

Yet all that Texas and 17 other states can think about is attaching their wagons to a bogus lawsuit most likely to be added to the growing list of those being laughed out of court.

Or is this one, somehow, going to be the reason that all the rebuffs made to this point have only been near fatal?

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