Sniveling Smallness

Donald Trump is like a chronic and painful condition that flares up on a regular basis. A vile, cankerous, pus-infected eruption. A boil, plantar fasciitis, a bad back, a hernia.

Is he really so powerful that the people around him are all in lockstep with his tweets and rants? Or is it, has it always been, the other way around? Is he just your run-of-the-mill gas bag, following someone else’s lead, someone else’s instructions? Has he always just been a mouthpiece, a puppet?

The Republicans appear, once again, to be putting up a united front, claiming fraud and irregularities in the voting results of several states, refusing to give the go-ahead for Biden to start getting ready to take the reigns, refusing to cooperate during the transition.

But the results are the results. The people have spoken. Certainly they are aware that this was no ordinary set of circumstances. There was and is a pandemic going on, so the mechanics of voting were different than normal. What the Republicans are doing is a waste of everyone’s time. They really do like pissing people off. They’re really good at that, but not much else.

We can’t let a minority- even a significant minority- keep hijacking things. 74-plus million people voted for Biden, and he prevails in the Electoral College. The majority rules, yet right now the minority seems to still be pulling the strings, muddying the waters, holding things up. It’s disappointing, and maddening beyond words.

They all seem OK with deepening the wounds and pouring salt in them. Trump and Pompeo and Barr and the rest of the sycophants are vindictive, callous, lecherous, smug, self-serving slugs who need to have their collective shit-eating grin wiped from their faces.

This is all delicious sport to them. They’re all just messing with us, and they think it’s hilarious. They’re like the defeated bully who gets in one last dig about your girlfriend before being unceremoniously tossed out of the dance.

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