Bad Pennies

The last I checked, Electoral College votes are 279-214. Even Fox News joined the chorus, proclaiming the Biden/Harris ticket the winners. Trump predictably issued a statement saying he doesn’t honor these results and will continue fighting for the result the American people (read: his base) demand.

He really needs to stop saying that.

The noise won’t go away for a while, probably not until 1/20/21. And we can’t really enjoy the Biden victory yet, because we can’t be sure that Trump won’t yet find a way to sabotage things. It’s maddening beyond words, and all so unnecessary.

Trump could concede and tell his supporters that they fought… some sort of fight. He could tell them the race is over and they must try to give Biden and Harris a chance– for the benefit of the country they say they love. But Trump most likely won’t do that, because he can’t. Because he is a child, and apparently because he wants to keep his base fired up. It’ll be a huge missed opportunity, perhaps the most honorable thing he could have done in his life.

One gets the feeling that he and his family aren’t gonna go away. They’re going to find a way to remain in the public eye, and they will whine and accuse and cry “foul!” and bitch about the system being rigged against them. Can you imagine that?

They really are an entitled, ignorant, tone deaf, and wildly unpalatable bunch.

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