This Is Not A Drill

Is this election really a referendum on the state of the nation’s soul? This is what we hear, with some regularity, from pundits and others who have a stake in wanting us to stay tuned to their networks.

But beyond ratings, what else is at stake here? Looking at the tactics being employed by Republicans, it would seem they really do want to remain in power in the worst way. They have proven that they will say and do just about anything to make this happen—from gerrymandering to sabotaging the USPS’ ability to deliver mail on time– and thus also ballots– to ramrodding a Supreme Court justice confirmation, a justice assumed to be “friendly” to Trump and someone who may or may not recuse herself from anticipated cases that arise in the aftermath of November 3.

There have been other less overt things along the way. The Republicans have been laying the groundwork for a while now. It has me wondering if the Democrats would do the same things. Are both parties similar in this vein? Are they both so desperate for power that they’d do pretty much anything to hang onto it?

Or are we seeing one party in particular descend into darkness? This nation’s institutions are under assault by Donald Trump and a party rife with enablers and self-serving, archaic ideas. When our institutions, the checks and balances, don’t matter and don’t appear to be working, then we are in trouble.

It seems we have indeed arrived at a tipping point, perhaps hastened by an irrational fear of progressive ideas, along with fearful white people who see their long-held yet undeserved status being threatened by a changing complexion.

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