The Sound of One Hand Clapping

So Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice.

Mitch McConnell has worked yet more dark magic. Republicans are celebrating, Democrats are most likely livid. And the election is a week away.

I suppose if a similar situation had presented itself to a Senate controlled by Democrats, the outcome might have been the same. But what if the Dem leadership actually decided to postpone the process until the election had been settled and a new President was in place? Would the Republicans simply offer up a derisive “Suckers…”, or would they be taken aback, take notice, not know what to say? Probably the former. Anyway, the SC now has a firmly conservative majority, and stands at the ready to turn back the clock a few decades or more. And on top of that, Trump has exactly what he was hoping for, in time for a contested election. The only hope is that many voters find all of this to be tiresome and repulsive, and we vote the bastards out in a blue wave.

What eats at me is how badly Trump needs to stay in power, and the lengths he has gone and will yet go to achieve that end. He has no plan for a second term. The lumbering thug just doesn’t want to lose, or go to jail. He’s throwing the actual voting majority under the bus, trying to take away our vote. You can’t mess with a person’s voteit is the only arrow in many a quiver. One could figure that this will end up haunting him and whatever party he “leads.”

I’m fighting the feeling that 2021 isn’t gonna be any better than this God-forsaken year and the three before it have been. That asteroid scheduled to arrive on November 2 should be bigger, and on a specific trajectory.

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