Tuesday Ramble

What the hell is a supermodel, and why do they matter?

The earth is burning, nearly a billion people are hungry on a daily basis, Donald Trump is still President, and we’re still dragging our asses through a pandemic. Why the hell do supermodels or the Kardashians even register at all? Oh, we need our distractions. OK. That explains everything.

People are suckers for superficiality, and there’s a shitload of options with which to indulge that fantasy life. Shallowness is part of what has gotten us into this mess. Shallowness, gullibility, ignorance, sheer stupidity– we keep coming back to the same things. Donald Trump is the poster child for all of it. What might have been somehow endearing four years ago is now evidence of rot to the core. And now we can add cornered rat to the list.

He let the dam break on Dr. Fauci, he’s rolling out the trusty damning email weapon, he’s holding super-spreader rallies everywhere. And there’s one more debate to suffer through.

Hold on to your hats, because these last two weeks are going to be wild. It’s probably best that we put on some heaphones or pop in some ear buds, and just tune out every now and then. Take a break from the constant assaults on reason and sanity.

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