The Kraken Released

Trump is back in the White House, as of last night. Yay.

In a made-for-TV moment, he climbed quite a few steps after getting out of Marine 1, turned to the cameras, ripped off his mask, and stood there defiantly. Quite the scene. Except it was pretty obvious that he was out of breath– probably because he’s a 74-year old clinically obese man who doesn’t exercise much. But certain reporters seized on the moment and played up the possibility—likelihood?!–  that he was still suffering the effects of covid. And he is still being treated. And he is still contagious.

He went back in the White House without a mask, certainly having been briefed that others in his circle have contracted the virus- including Chris Christy, Kayleigh McEnany, Mike Lee, and Kellyanne Conway. As for Stephen Miller? The virus will not affect him like it does everyone else. Covid-19 would only make him stronger. It takes precautions against him.

Craziness. Trump has the gall and tone deafness to tell the public not to be afraid of covid, while benefiting from treatments very few others on earth can access with such ready availability. So in the lead-up to election day, now we get a more ornery and annoying version of someone who was already these things in excess.

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