It’s Happening

Are the people at Fox News as alarmed as Rachel Maddow? I should probably gird my loins and tune in, just long enough to see if there is any trace of concern over what Trump has been saying lately about ballots and a peaceful transition of power.

I feel like maybe we’re headed off a cliff. Trump is as bad as his niece says he is. He’s evil and maniacal, not well, and he’s going to fight tooth and nail to stay in office, even if he is voted out.

And if this is all just an act? We shouldn’t have to put up with such insanely erratic, destabilizing behavior.

It’s hard to believe that overshadowing all of this is over 200,000 deaths from coronavirus. But maybe this is how Trump and his entourage want it to be played. Say crazy things about the election to take the focus off a staggering death toll? Seems plausible. Anything seems plausible anymore, including a Supreme Court vacancy filled in record time for a ruling on a “contested” election.

Will anyone on the Republican side finally wake up and say “This is nuts!?” Finally recognize the gravity and put a stop to this death train that is the Trump administration?    

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