Deregulation Proud

Let’s see… two named storms in the Gulf at the same time, one of which was the strongest to hit the U.S. in a hundred years, intensifying quickly. Mega-fires in California, from one end of the state to the other (and the winds haven’t really picked up yet); drought; pink snow in the Italian Alps; temperatures hovering around 100 degrees IN SIBERIA; an “inland hurricane” that takes out more than one-third of the corn crop in Iowa; locusts in Africa and Asia; a dam threatened in China; above average temps over larger swaths of this country lingering for longer periods of time; views of the Himalayas from northern India that some had never seen in their lifetime because many were not driving and factories were not operating during the early days of covid-19, so the air was cleaner.

Yet there is no climate change. And there are almost 8 billion of us, but we’re having no effect on the natural processes that sustain life.

The fossil fuel hold-outs and flat-earthers must somehow sense this isn’t true, somehow know that there is a connection between our sheer numbers and the condition of the planet. But there are special interests, livelihoods, money and power at stake. And these things still hold more sway than the concerns of a clear majority of rational, well-intentioned scientists who keep telling us we need to wake up and do something before it’s too late.

Only one of a thousand reasons why Trump and whatever party he’s part of have to be defeated in November.

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