Absurd Silliness

The Trump camp is not even trying anymore.

This in reference to the latest fear-mongering ads concerning the dystopian world of defunded and unresponsive police departments. It’s all we need to know about The Base. The sacred Base, the only ones who will buy such lie-infested, fear-laced, unapologetic drivel.

OK, bullshit.

Who but the Base would ever consider such “efforts” to be true and accurate and the way things are? One might even wonder if the Base themselves wouldn’t be offended.

No one could possibly be that gullible.

And Joe Biden doesn’t get off scot-free here. His ads are dripping with sentimentality and over-the-top music and predictable opportunism. That’s the trouble when your opponent is such an easy target– there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit with Trump.

I’ve always yearned for a candidate who could just sit and simply talk to us. No need for the drama and theatrics.

Just paint a picture of how things are and tell us what we need to do to make them better. No music, no video montages, no messianic inferences, no promises difficult to keep. Just a hopeful, well-conceived plan.

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