Way Above and Beyond

When it comes to teachers returning to the classroom, there’s no sense of duty to which to appeal. Returning has more the feel of foolhardiness and suicide than it does bravery and responsibility.

It’s a false narrative to claim teachers have an obligation to get back in the classroom. They most certainly do not. This is a nightmare scenario precipitated by serious and catastrophic inaction and outright deception on the part of Donald Trump and his stellar inner circle, among others. And some (many?) parents want their children back in the classroom for a variety of reasons, which also puts undue pressure on teachers and administrators.

These are circumstances the likes of which no one has ever seen. I doubt if many education majors signed up or trained for holding in-person classes in the middle of a raging pandemic (unlike doctors and nurses, who signed up for exactly this scenario, whether they realized it or not). Anyone arguing that teachers and medical personnel are in the same boat here are dabbling in false equivalencies, comparing apples and kiwi fruit.

Teachers returning to schools is desired in no small part as a means of covering Trump’s huge ass, as a way of making it look like things are getting back to normal. Leave it to him and Ms. DeVos and others to expect people to do things they’d never do themselves.

I hope teachers don’t acquiesce. It will be dangerous for them and the ones they teach.

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