Head Scratcher

Not surprisingly, teachers want assurances, like everyone else. They want an answer to the question, “How do we reopen safely”? Currently, I don’t see this answer being available. The best we seem able to do is take a shot at it, hoping it’ll work out.

Taking a step further back, the reason it seems to be working in other countries is because Donald Trump isn’t in charge, and other countries didn’t have their heads up their asses and act like hubris-infused ignoramuses. There was top down policy, a path and a plan, and most people abided by it. Such conformity probably makes the average red-blooded American shudder. Still, this governmental guidance was largely followed and looks like it is working!

We, of course, are Americans and we don’t do what works for other people. We do what seems patriotic according to Fox News and OAN, and also what preserves this crippling notion of personal freedom at all costs and in all circumstances.  Well, when I say “we,” I mean enough people to keep from making any consistent progress in checking the spread of the virus.

Why is it difficult to shake the feeling that the attempts at reopening schools, by and large, are destined for failure?

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