Sports stories don’t really seem like important news to me at the moment, except for the one about the coronavirus running rampant through the Miami Marlins. Wow, no one could see that coming.

“Futility” seems to be a word made for these efforts at finding “normal,” though MLS and European soccer seem to be handling it pretty well so far, minus actual crowds.

Bob Costas made the distinction I was glad to hear last night when he said we want sports, we don’t need sports. Yes. Exactly! Enough of the crying and whining about needing sports. If you need sports, then it’s probably time you expanded your horizons or made peace with watching rebroadcasts.

What is going to happen if the NFL doesn’t hold its season? Cue the vapors. It’ll be the end of the world.

It’s past time to take “normal” out of the lexicon. Just do it. Put it on a shelf until at least the second quarter of 2021. And even then, there will be something unrecognizable about post-Covid-19 life, if there’s a chance there will be such a time. Sounds like we might have to add it to the list of things we deal with every year.

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