A Tough Nut To Crack

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. How can her heart still be in what she’s doing? She seems feisty and engaged, and I’m glad she seems unafraid to square off against the Donald. But still. She’s 80. I know this sounds awful, but she’s 80.

Our country is run by career politicians who keep getting re-elected and staying until they die. While she’s not under appointment like a SC justice, it ends up being like that. She and Mitch McConnell and others serve either until they expire or they decide they can’t do it anymore. Or they get defeated in an election, eventually, maybe. Are their hearts still in their work, or are they just in love with the lifestyle and benefits? Are “stability” or “continuity” or “familiarity with the workings of Congress” good enough arguments for someone to stick around for 30 years or more?

How about no more than two consecutive terms, 8 years max for Senators and Representatives? That should be enough time to effect positive change, or take up space without doing irreparable damage to one institution or another.

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