Enough Already

How is it remotely possible for anyone to still support Donald Trump? The only answer I can come up with is that people are gullible and desperate. Stubborn, too.

Take a closer look, people. Dare to take a closer look. Look into his scowling countenance, his empty eyes, his empty soul. Listen to the words that ooze from him like sewage bubbling up in your back yard. Look at the people with whom he surrounds himself. Then decide if you still think he’s the person for the job.

This pandemic disaster is in no small part his doing (and yours, too, since you believe the virus is a hoax and masks are for suckers and wimps). Our new standing in the world as laughingstock and object of scorn and pity is in no small part because of him. He’s not a leader. He’s not even fully human. He is dead inside, a thousand times worse than the Grinch. Yet you seem to love him. This can only be because you don’t want to admit your mistake, your miscalculation. You can’t concede anything to us pansy socialist libtards who saw the writing on the wall, but who obviously hate America and want to turn it into a nanny state.

Wow, you really will believe anything.

In your own estimation, you may be patriots and you may love America. But your patriotic fervor comes with strings attached, blind spots and caveats. You may think it’s love, but it’s really something less.

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