Summa Cum Lousy

There’s a tendency to overplay and otherwise dramatize the level of sacrifice we Americans have made during this pandemic.

No doubt, many have sacrificed and continue to do so, from front line healthcare workers, to suddenly stay-at-home parents, to all sorts of essential workers. I don’t consider just staying home and minimizing trips much of a contribution, or patriotic. Staying at home has been this introvert’s dream scenario. Yet even this somehow gets lumped in with the sacrifices others have made.

And let’s not forget all the graduating high school seniors who were denied their moment and suffered an apparently debilitating withholding of attention. Get over it, folks. Consider this whole year one for the record books, momentous in a unique way. And you were part of that! Besides, you and your school district personnel were pretty creative in developing alternative graduation experiences, some of which were way cooler than if it had been a normal year. So, I hope you’ve stopped feeling sorry for yourselves and are getting on with your lives.

As for those in positions of leadership, namely the President, Vice President, certain task force members, Governors and network pundits? You all get big red F’s. For your inaction, your calculated coldness, your cowardice, your weakness, your sheer stupidity and spitefulness, and your willingness to mislead and foment and turn a pandemic into a political beach ball. Shame on all of you. Thanks for going above and beyond in eroding ever further our trust in public officials.

And way to go, MAGA crowd, who cried “constitutional rights,” embraced the Gospel of Donald like the herd of lemmings that you are, and took it upon yourselves to stare down the virus and lose miserably. What did you think was going to happen? Such monumental hubris and selfishness.

And what do you have against science, anyway? Are you waiting on some biblical solution? Better take a longer, closer look at the Good Book– all of it, not just the Old Testament.

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