July 4th.

Two hundred forty-four years sounds like a long time but also not that long, relative to other nations on earth.

It gets tougher to celebrate every year, especially the last three or four. I don’t have the same feelings, the same views regarding what this country stands for or means. American exceptionalism? Hardly. At the moment, we’re exceptionally lost. We’re embarrassing ourselves on multiple fronts. We’re taking the whole freedom thing way too far, given what’s upon us in the form of a deadly virus. Stupidity and ignorance are running rampant.

The President has come to us straight from a dark place. Vain, needy, shallow, cold, selfish, overmatched, underqualified, spiteful, humorless, visionless, delusional, largely useless. A mouthpiece for the vermin with whom he’s surrounded himself. A playground bully with Secret Service protection.

I don’t feel the same way I once did about America. Not much moves me about it. I guess I still hope that the ideal will emerge as reality, but we’re a long way from there (though this summer of discontent seems to be an indication that something big is brewing, and maybe good).

American exceptionalism? Let’s remove that from the lexicon. You want to paint a target on your back? Just keep talking up your exceptionalism. How vain, how needy, can we get?

Relative to other nations, America is the insecure teenager seeking validation, still figuring itself out. We’re the Jordan Spieth of nations- had a good run, but currently searching for its A-game.

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