Square Peg, Round Hole

Major league baseball should just pack it in this year. Look to 2021 and hope for a vaccine. There’s just too much whining and astonishing, though predictable, selfishness right now. The multi-millionaire primadonnas can’t handle making a few million less in 2020, even though you’d have to figure they’ll be appropriately compensated in the end. It’s really difficult to identify with their “plight.”

No one asked for this pandemic, and no one seems to realize that its presence necessarily changes the way we look at everything for the rest of the year. Let’s just go there: without a vaccine, without an effective defense that doesn’t involve all the precautions we’ve been taking since early March, there’s no way anything approaching normalcy can return.

So play in empty stadiums, if you must play. Play for the love of the game, learn to live with the reduced though still more-than-adequate compensation you’ll receive. Otherwise, just call it a day and hope for better times in 2021. We have bigger issues than whether or not baseball, or any sport, happens this year.

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