Help My Unbelief

My Christian faith, such as it is, lacks real substance. In fact, I doubt that it can be called “faith” at all, because whatever I have resides more in my head than in my heart. I don’t know what the proper ratio should be- 50/50, 40/60… 1/99, head to heart? Believing without seeing might be a leap of faith, but it also feels like weakness and foolishness, an act of desperation and last resort. A reluctant embrace of the much-maligned “God of the gaps,” the God we turn to when no other explanations are available.

God being God, why can’t Jesus still be walking among us today? You know— swooping in and saving the day, spending a few weeks stateside, then moving on to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Down Under. He could probably handle being in multiple places at the same time. Oh, that’s right! According to the Bible, that’s already the case.

And why did he have to ascend? Why couldn’t he just stick around? Ascension cheapens the whole thing, makes it seem even more like a fantastic fairy tale. It’d make for an awesome visual at Sight and Sound, though.

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