Not Just A River In Egypt

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

The quarantines and stay-at-home orders aren’t going away anytime soon. People can ignore them, call them unnecessary and oppressive, over-reaching and “Draconian.” They can buy Donald Trump’s take on things if they want, but that would be the opposite of patriotic, whatever that is. How about idiotic?

Without widespread testing and such– never mind a vaccine– we are a long way from feeling confident about a return to anything close to our former ways of going about business. How can people not know this?

At some point- and that point has already arrived in places- people will decide for themselves how much risk they can tolerate, and then try to resume BAU. But this isn’t going to make the virus go away. They will need to prepare themselves for further avoidable sickness and loss of life, perhaps affecting themselves or someone they love. And they will reconcile all that with bluster and bravado by saying it’s just the price we pay for living free and not under the thumb of a Governor they’re convinced is some sort of dictator.

The coronavirus doesn’t give two shits about your need to be “free.” It won’t take into consideration your gullibility or refusal to think. In fact, it will feast on your stupidity and recklessness. And worse yet, it will infect and kill some who want nothing to do with the choices you’ve made for yourself.

Somehow, and sooner than later, this needs to be more about “us” than about “me.”

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