Not Again

Twenty-seven years ago.

The obvious question is “Why now?” And the answer is “Of course now.” Turnabout is fair play, right? This is just politics as usual. Scour the bushes and try to sully a reputation with accusations of an ancient, alleged sexual indiscretion. It hasn’t seemed to hurt Trump, and his hiccups are more recent. But what do you want to bet that this has a more damaging effect on Biden’s chances?

In addition to coronavirus and murder hornets, now we have to put up with another one of these sordid back and forth she said-he did episodes. Make it go away, Joe.

Or maybe he should just go away. He’s the best the Democrats can do against Trump? How much can he really have left in the tank? This has disturbing similarities to four years ago, when it seems the feeling was that it was just Hillary’s time. And that ended well.

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