Fun To Watch

I guess I lament the fact that even something as gripping and all-consuming as this pandemic has now become just another vehicle for cute and heart-rending memes. Everyone is a star of their own lives, visible on YouTube and other places for all the world to see. It so quickly turns into something cheap and cliché and boastful. Except for John Krasinski. You go, man. Well, and pretty much all the late-night folks. Even Jimmy Fallon, who’s most times pretty lightweight in the interview department.

It’s been great seeing all these people in their native habitat, letting their guard down, being somewhat real. Makes you wonder what late night TV will look like in the post-pandemic age. I imagine they’re all aching to get back to the old sets and their studio audiences, but there’s been something charming and authentic about these last few weeks that I hope they try to hold onto, somehow.

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