Donald Trump. The mere mention of the name gives me a sinking feeling. His new mantra is “open things up in early May,” or some such nonsense, even if doing so would most likely spur an uptick in covid cases, a relapse if you will. Trump and the rest of his black hats are too willing to sacrifice more human life so his only claim to fame, his baby, can get back on its feet. Without a robust economy, Trump can claim nothing. So ramp it up, right Donald? What’s a few thousand more deaths in the bigger scheme of things? Gotta think about re-election.

The right thing for Trump to do at this point is to declare that he will not be seeking a second term. He needs to walk away before he has a chance to inflict any more damage. I’ll wait for folks to stop laughing…

He blew the response to the virus but he will never, ever admit that. He downplayed the gravity of it, and of course the result of such magical thinking was inaction, confusion, woeful unpreparedness, and avoidable suffering and death. Instead of spearheading a robust federal response, he left it to the states and local municipalities to fend for themselves. Though if everyone does get up to speed, he’ll sit back and take credit for that, somehow.

People listen to him. I don’t know why, but people listen to him. He doesn’t say anything, but people hang on his every word like he’s some sort of seer or oracle or something. Fascinating, in a morbid sort of way.

We have to stop stroking his damned ego, stop feeding the beast.

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