Nice Gig If You Can Get It?

Do Tucker Carlson and the rest at Fox News ever ponder their career paths, ever feel like maybe they’re prostituting themselves? Ever think to themselves as they interview someone, “Man, this guy’s out to lunch.” Or “Holy shit, she is absolutely crazy”? And then realize they’ve had a hand in perpetuating the craziness?

Carlson’s interview with Dan Patrick the other night was painful to watch, what I saw of it. Patrick is blathering on about how he’d be willing to sacrifice his health to get the economy back on its feet (but no hero, he), and Carlson’s facial expression suggests, “I can’t believe I have to sit here and agree with this idiot.”

All Fox News hosts must have to sign some sort of disclaimer or NDA before being given a job. They must have to check their sense of propriety and rationality at the door and pledge allegiance to navigating in an alternate universe.

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