Quelling the Lunacy

The contrarians who are still worried about cost benefit analysis and civil liberties being threatened need to try to visualize a day not far down the road when hospitals are overwhelmed and 20-somethings who think they’re bulletproof are infecting their aunts and uncles and grandparents with covid-19. Why is it that supposedly bright people can’t entertain the possibility- the likelihood- that the current absence of cases where they are doesn’t mean the virus isn’t already lurking- and maybe in them?

Civil liberties mean little at the moment. And we may never know for sure if we’ve done the right thing by taking these drastic measures. Yet it’s safe to say that if we didn’t take these warnings seriously, we would just be opening the door and laying out the welcome mat to a microscopic organism that thrives when humans are in close proximity to one another.

I’m totally ok with being accused of overreacting, especially if it hastens a decrease in new cases. It’s way past time we trust the science and the medical experts, not the pundits, conspiracy theorists, and red-blooded Americans everywhere who’ll be damned if they’re gonna be told what to do.

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