Missed Opportunity

There’s nothing like watching the possibilities crumble before one’s eyes. Biden emerges because there’s a fear Bernie is too extreme for all the moderates out there. So at best the Democrats push for a “safe” candidate who is the youngster at 77 years old, has seen his best days, but apparently stands the best chance of garnering the most Democratic votes and would possibly hold his own against Trump. Never mind that Bernie supporters will just give up and either not vote or vote for Trump just to spite.

Geez. A 77-year old and a 78-year old are the last two standing. What the hell? This is the best the Democrats can do? The need to beat Trump has trumped the need for sound, level-headed, fresh leadership in this country.

Pete Buttigieg may be young, but he’s not that young. And he has a head on his shoulders, a wisdom beyond his years. Here’s hoping he’ll be back in ’24.

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