Dear Someone’s President…

After all the accusations and denials and acquittal in the Senate, the nation now gets to endure the bona fide 2020 campaign for President, in which the current office holder will almost inevitably go louder and lower than in 2016.

The prospect of four more years of this ugly excuse for a human being conjures up at least two scenarios: either a motivated electorate shows up and votes him out, or the bastard prevails and we endure four more years of dumbness and Republican claims of working for “the American people.”

Of all the excrement that has been flung, this is the phrase that pisses me off the most. For someone with maybe half of the country expressing support for him, the fact that he could win again is at once maddening beyond words, but also mystifying. How can a person and party claim to be working for the American people when north of half of the American people would prefer to cast their vote for an inanimate object before giving support to Trump? Of course, this applies in the other direction as well– the Democrats can’t use the same default language about working for the American people when a large percentage of supposedly rational voters equate Democrat with Communist.

In any event, half of the American electorate is not with you, DJT. Not with you.

Hear that. Understand that. And if you happen to win again, try to remember that. For the good of the country, try to remember that a small majority of us find you to be an appalling aberration, a loud-mouthed nightmare, and the last person on earth to whom we’d throw support.

The least you could do is make an effort to acknowledge this divide. Surprise the hell out of everyone and actually make an effort to chart a healthier course.

Trouble is, many American people think you are incapable of such behavior. That you just don’t have it in you. And worst of all, that you just don’t care.

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