The Bad Place

“Soon we’ll find out if breaking the law is illegal.” Leave it to Stephen Colbert to give voice to the absurdity.

Are we supposed to be OK with Donald Trump and his legion of yes-people? Is that the message being driven home in the midst of all this impeachment debate? Are we really supposed to be OK with everything he’s said and done over the last three years? OK with him in general?

Enough questions.

This country is heading for a confrontation, most likely violent, because there are two disparate camps who have never been able to see the wisdom in listening to each other. We can no longer envision any scenario that involves compromise or a change of heart. Each side is convinced of the other’s misguided thinking. One side’s blind allegiance is countered by the other’s deeply felt mistrust and suspicion. One side is convinced of Trump’s unassailable character and even his chosenness (!), and the other is convinced he is rotten to the core.

Nothing is going to convince anyone of anything different.

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