Much Ado About Nothing?

Sometimes it seems that way- that all the attention being paid to the Ukraine issue is really just the latest attempt by Democrats to pin something on Trump, hoping it will stick.

Not that I hope it doesn’t. I hope they pin his ass to the wall and he ends up being impeached. It’s just that pretty much everything said and done over the last 3 years seems to be in reaction to the election results. All-consuming. The focus hasn’t been on legislation and working for the electorate. It’s been a balls-to-the-wall effort to dig up dirt on Trump and his circle of ugliness, or defending the same. Late night folks and others pick on Trump’s less-than-scholarly use of the English language, his misspellings, his hair, his posture. The kind of stuff one might expect from lesser critics, though not surprising coming from people who try to get laughs for a living.

On occasion they zero in on something substantial, something that exposes the whole administration for the domestic axis of evil that it is. I wish they’d expend more energy on these stories than the ones about covfefe. Those are nit-picky, easy targets that don’t get to the core of why so many people find Trump and company so troubling.

For me, it often comes back to Trump himself. Sure, I don’t know him personally, but I know his type. He reminds me of a kid who used to come to our house for piano lessons. A real self-important stuffed shirt, a poster child for entitlement who thought more highly of himself than he had reason to. I remember one of his lesson days when we were out in the back yard and came upon a harmless toad making its way through the grass. He picked it up and found great sport in throwing it in the air, smugly grinning as it hit the ground.

This is who comes to mind when I think of Donald Trump. He’s just your garden variety bully, terrified of picking on somebody his own size, afraid of his own shadow. He has zero business being President of the United States.

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