Just Gonna Sit Back and Let It Happen

It is true- what was observed in a recent NPR piece about the earth surviving various assaults along its way, including humans and what we’re doing to the planet. If global warming gets to a point where humans start dying off because of it (oops- it’s already happening), then it’s just one more instance of a species going extinct and the earth continuing on.

Which doesn’t serve as an argument the climate change naysayers get to adopt. There is a difference here, a big difference. We have evolved brains. We are sentient beings who know what we’re doing to ourselves and who are capable of fixing it, though that window of opportunity appears to be closing. 

The earth will survive, in some form, without us. But what does that prove?

Climate change deniers are imbeciles. Out to lunch. A devilish mix of ignorant and greedy.

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