So the US women’s soccer team won the World Cup again. They are a good team, but it’s tiring to hear all the buzz about them being cocky and unapologetic. I forget how one writer put it- unapologetic greatness, or something like that.

So this is where we are now. You can act any way you want as long as you’re good. You’ve earned the rights to your boorish behavior. I’m disappointed in the women. I expected something more from them. You can still be intense and not sell your soul to the bravado bullshit. Celebrate, but not the soo predictable in-your-face kind of crap. Guess the celebration can’t be boring, either. Gotta be in someone’s face with your greatness.  Gotta have the swagger. Gotta entertain.

I don’t care how hard it is or what it took to get to that level. I hope they get their asses kicked next time. Then someone else can take the mantle and show the world how to really revel in one’s victory. How to be a true champion.

We really are a country full of immature adolescents. It’s not enough to be victorious. You also, apparently, need to know how to celebrate like idiots. And not the ‘04 Red Sox kind of idiots.

They should get their equal pay now. That’s just fair. They’re the whole package- from preparation, to performance on the pitch, to rubbing peoples’ noses in how good they are. True media darlings, all gold. Kudos to all.

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