Round Two

Watched the whole debate last night. I’m pretty much convinced that a panel of ten candidates at a time is maybe five or seven too many. I know the NBC moderators will be berated for one thing or another, but they did a commendable job trying to keep egos and passion in check.

I learned that Bernie Sanders is an old fiery, passionate revolutionary, that Kamala Harris is eloquent and take-charge but comes across as a bit too angry with a touch of wise ass. Joe Biden with his big white teeth looked spooked and old and relied too heavily on what has happened in the past. He’s had his day. He should bow out. I get that they all have to tout their records and accomplishments and make their case in the time and format provided. I just have trouble with their avoidance or ignorance of the questions and issues at hand, and their insistence on talking over each other. And I will never stop wondering why anyone would want the job in the first place, what their motivations are.

All that being said, it was a way for the nation to meet the candidates and at least hear a bit of what they believe and who they are. At this point, Pete Buttigieg would get my vote. He’s young but not too young. He’s experienced, thoughtful and smart. He’s a thinker and a doer. He’s multi-lingual. He seems a good mix of compassionate leader and administrator. I get the feeling he could stand his ground against President Dumbass without losing his cool. The dream scenario for me would be a debate where he renders Trump speechless and exposes him for the one-dimensional shit show that he is. 

In a way, it’s lamentable that Campaign 2020 has apparently begun for real. It’s gonna be long and ugly. But if we refuse to buy into the MAGA or KAG myths, we would do well to assess our options, study candidates and platforms, and make an informed decision when it comes to a candidate capable of taking on the Trump machine.

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