The longer things go, the more I realize that nothing is going to come of the dissatisfaction with the current administration. Nothing has stuck so far. There’s been plenty of lamenting and criticism, but it all seems to matter very little. Democrats can continue calling for Trump’s taxes, they can continue harping on his general ugliness and seeming ineptitude. But the longer we go, the more Trump’s opponents come across as so many Chicken Littles, claiming the sky is falling while the economy steamrolls along and no one gives a shit about much else.

While one party cries Constitutional crisis, the other does its best Alfred E. Neuman impression. It doesn’t bode well for the future, when (if) a Democratic candidate emerges as winner, and then the next four years are just more of what we’re already seeing– one party saying “up,” the other saying “down,” and nothing of substance getting done.

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