Do You Walk to School Or Carry Your Lunch?

So is our indignation and concern much ado about nothing? Is it just the latest liberal fever dream, just a matter of “this too shall pass?”

Why does it feel like half the country was duped into believing that a slimy real estate magnate with megalomaniacal tendencies could be the one to break the logjam of “business as usual?” Why does it feel like the Democrats are still impotent, even with control of the House? Why does it feel like big business is still pulling the strings? Why does it feel like there is a consolidation of power happening before our eyes? How is it possible that people in positions of power and authority, blessed with above average intelligence, still dismiss climate change?

Is Stephen Miller as evil as he seems?

Why have things gotten so hateful? Why do we root for people to fail and fall?

Why does this feeling that something is terribly wrong still persist?

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