Out of Reach

So, Bryce Harper. $330 million man. Some will say, “Good for him.” Others might say, “Are you f@*$!&g kidding me?!” That has to be more than the GDP of several small countries. I wonder what it means for ticket prices. Do these players feel any pressure, any sense of obligation or loyalty, or are they more like cats that come back to the same house mainly because someone keeps putting a dish of food out for them?

It’s difficult to tell where the sour grapes and envy end and offense begins. The intangibles, what his holy presence means in the clubhouse, what he translates to in ticket sales- all meh. No one needs that much money.

Mr. Harper should bat 1.000, hit 100 home runs every season, sing the national anthem on occasion, and be willing to play every position. It’s difficult not to question the excess. Baseball has gone the way of polo and fox hunts.

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