Entertainment Industry

The Academy Awards were aired this past Sunday. I couldn’t have cared less, even though the next day I still checked to see who won.

The whole thing is a joke anymore, though it’s always been pure escape, spectacle, glamour and glitz and shallowness on display for the world to see. It’s hard to find a more pretentious, needy, self-important, sensitive bunch of people gathered in one place. Well, except maybe in the Executive Branch of government or a local school board meeting when the public is invited to speak.

The red carpet, the acceptance speeches that offer up a mix of gratitude and platitude and over-the-top emotion, and soapbox wisdom we’re supposed to lean in for because hey, these are important people who make a living playing make believe. Anyway, it’s a chance for the plebes to live vicariously and ogle the beautiful people and their enviable lifestyle and their borrowed dresses and jewelry. It’s all maybe a bit sad.

And the drama surrounding those awards that were going to get presented during commercial breaks? Cue the vapors. Thank the Lord for the A-listers who came to the defense of the poor cinematography and film editing folks, and a couple other categories.

And let’s not forget the Monday morning quarterbacking and the emotional investment of critics who argued passionately over who should and shouldn’t have won. Better to let the experts at ET sort it all out.

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